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When you choose L A MAXX Employee Handbook Services

Be confident that your employee handbook is legally compliant! All of our content is created by Employment Law Experts. 
An employee handbook is vital for every organization.  The different sections are pivotal to helping employees understand how your organization operates and what is expected of them. These sections include introductions to the company and its leadership, descriptions of the culture of the organization, and benefits that employees can expect from working with your organization.
Your employee handbook gives your employees information that will help them do their jobs better, it outlines how important HR matters and violations are handled, and it apprises employees of your expectations of them, especially regarding performance. 
With L A MAXX Employee Handbook Services, we do all the hard work for you leaving you to concentrate on what you know – your business – instead of an employee handbook design. 
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Easy to Use 

High Quality 

Tailored to Your Business 

Compliant w/ Federal, State & Local Laws & Regulations 

Content created by

Employment Law Experts 



Save 240 labor hours (or more) on research, formatting, and editing

Save hundreds of dollars in labor costs

Save the headaches of trying to understand what applies to your business and what doesn't


Compared to creating a handbook by using a template or a software program


We offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consult, where we discuss your needs and discuss pricing for your customized employee handbook.
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