Key Benefits of a Digital HR Transformation

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

According to Deloitte, HR leaders all over the world are being pushed to tackle the same probing question,

“How can organizations change the HR function itself to operate in a digital way, use digital tools and apps to deliver solutions, and continuously experiment and innovate?”

-Erica Volini - Global Human Capital Leader, Deloitte Consulting

The answer lies within Digital HR Transformation!

What is Digital HR Transformation?

Digital HR transformation is the methodology of providing a better work experience by leveraging innovative tools, data and cloud technology to automate processes, streamline workflows, and improve productivity.

HR specific software is integrated into existing processes and workflows, repetitive tasks are eliminated, human errors are minimized and employees are able to get their job done with greater ease. By integrating technology into your HR capabilities, you help increase employee efficiency and ultimately improve the overall quality of your company’s products or services.

4 Examples of a Digital HR Transformation:

Digital transformations fuel business functions, from sales and finance to marketing and customer service, and digital HR has grown considerably over the last decade. According to Deloitte’s study on HR tech disruptions, the use of intelligent technology within HR has increased and many organizations are quickly bringing new functionalities into HR’s approach to managing the workforce.

So, what does it look like? Ultimately, digital HR transformation will vary substantially based on the organization. In some businesses, transformation could be as simple as digitizing documents and forms to eliminate all paperwork, while in others it might involve embracing more complicated technologies in order to achieve strategic goals.

Some examples of digital HR transformation include:

1. Digitize employee paperwork and business documents, no more sifting through mountains of paperwork, easily create, access, search and track documents, handbooks, policies, etc.

2. Integration and Visibility, managers, teams and employees can easily connect; managers are equipped with insights into team strengths and gaps and can easily implement key actions to effectively coach their employees

3. Transparency and Upskilling, employees are able to explore their fit for current and desired jobs by identifying skills, learning, and behavior gaps and being offered the precise learning needed to resolve those gaps

4. Real Time Analytics and Insights, key leaders gain a holistic view through unified information, and are equipped with the insight they need to lead their teams and engage in productive activities, while fostering collaboration and continuous development to drive business outcomes.

There is potential for virtually every function of the human resources department to be impacted by digitization, from recruitment and hiring to employee performance monitoring to training and development, and everything in between.

Key Benefits of Digital HR Transformation.

  • Boost Efficiency & Productivity

Digital HR can automate any time-consuming manual processes, allowing you to focus on more high-value work, eliminate human error, and get more done during the workday.

  • Assess Key HR Data and Performance Insights

With data and records being centralized, you can effectively manage employees, easily visualize data and take immediate action on recommendations so that business goals can be reached quickly and efficiently

  • Improve Employee Experience

Build a more transparent and flexible employee experience, connect distributed teams, personalize employee recognition, help your employees better manage work-life balance, improve their wellness and be more productive.

Transform your HR capabilities with L. A. MAXX - We help you leverage technology, not rely on it!

We offer cutting-edge support to help you map out the moments that matter most to your organization and to your employees, then we use technology to help make these processes or activities easier for them to navigate. Digitalizing manual processes is only the first step. Designing processes that use technology to evolve as employee needs and priorities change are where the real value lies.

Here at L. A. MAXX, we use objective assessments to diagnose your current state, we conduct research and offer expert level advice to help you make informed decisions and we execute and drive change with practical tools, templates, technology demos, and on-going consultative support.

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