HR Analytics

Visualize KPIs, uncover workforce insights, and use predictive analysis to make data-driven decisions.

HR Analytics

Growing enterprises often lack the ability to leverage their company and employee data to develop strategic operations.

L A MAXX provides data-driven Human Resource analyses to help enterprise leaders easily visualize the story behind their data.

Visual Insights, top hiring KPIs, and customizable dashboards provide visibility for effective communication, efficient collaboration, and data-driven decisions. Understand the changing size, structure, and cost of your workforce, while uncovering insights into key business metrics with predictive analytics.

Our HR Analytics capabilities allow us to rapidly assemble actionable insights to answer complex business questions.

What changes in the workforce are needed to help meet business priorities? Which initiatives can be implemented to achieve the needed changes? Are business operations aligned to key business objectives? What is the organization's intercultural competence and capacity to accept cultural and other organizational change? And more tailored to different industries and enterprises.