Benefits of choosing L A MAXX for your HR projects: 
  • Maximize efficiency.  
  • Minimize your risk and liability.  
  • Guaranteed compliance with state and federal regulations.  
  • Content developed by certified professionals. 
  • Deploy a handbook quickly, in as little as 4 weeks. 
  • Quick turnaround on short-term projects

Project-Based Human Resources

  How L A MAXX Helps Your Business

Quick Check

  1. Does your employee handbook make clear that your business does not tolerate any type of harassment?
  2. Does your employee handbook provide procedures for addressing complaints of that nature?
  3. Do the benefits policies contained in the employee handbook comply with federal and state laws?
  4. Do all employees receive copies of the handbook each time it is revised?
  5. Do you have a receipt form that employees sign when they receive the handbook or any revisions of it?
  6. Is the language respectful of employees? Are the rules described in the handbook enforced evenhandedly? 

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, your business could be at compliance risk!

Business Meeting

How Long Does It Take to Complete our Employee Handbook Service? 

  • Typically, it takes about 4 weeks for our team to create a custom handbook. However, if you need your document sooner, we will work to meet your deadline.  

  • Typically, it takes about 2 weeks for our team to conduct a comprehensive examination of your employee handbook. The review process may take longer if you have employees in multiple states. 

Employee Handbooks Protect Your Business and Your Workforce 

Employee Handbooks should be easy to read, up-to-date, and customized to your business.

With L A MAXX Employee Handbook Services, we do all the hard work for you leaving you to concentrate on what you know – your business – instead of an employee handbook design.   

Employee Handbook Process

Answer a few questions about your organization, like how many employees you have and in which states (including remote)


We prepare your customized employee handbook that addresses your specific workforce, industry, and geographic location.


You receive a copy of your customized employee handbook and complete a detailed personal review with your L A MAXX HR Consultant. 


Any changes from the review are then incorporated, and a final copy is provided to you.


L A MAXX will review your existing handbook for compliance with Federal and State regulations. We will note any concerns about your existing handbook and suggest changes you can make to reduce your compliance risk. 


Compliance Review

Our Comprehensive Review Process 

Review handbook's policies and procedures
Assess the handbook's clarity, accuracy and consistency
Ensure essential disclaimers are included in the handbook
Confirm that handbook provisions comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws 
We will review your current employee handbook, identify areas of improvement for best practices and legal compliance and note any HR concerns. 
Your consultant will review and explain suggested changes and new policies with you personally. We’ll answer any questions you have about why we have recommended any sections to include or exclude.
Any changes from the consultation are then incorporated, and a final copy is provided to you. 

How an Updated Handbook Can Help Your Business 


Your Employee Handbook showcases your professional image that separates you from your competitors. 


Your Employee Handbook creates confidence within your workplace when employees know what is expected of them. 


Your Employee Handbook provides an easy reference guide so your employees understand the benefits you provide. 


Your Employee Handbook minimizes mitigation of exposure due to employment-related lawsuits. 


Your Employee Handbook helps you engage employees by providing context on your company values, mission and vision. 


Your Employee Handbook is a roadmap to promoting a productive work environment. 

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