Comprehensive Review

Is your employee handbook out of date? If you’re not sure, your business may be at compliance risk. Be confident that your handbook is compliant by having L A MAXX perform our comprehensive Employee Handbook Review service. 

​When was the last time you reviewed your company’s employee handbook? 

If it’s been more than a year since you’ve revisited your employee handbook, it’s time to do a review. Employee handbooks should be current and in compliance with state and federal laws. When policies are clear and implemented equitably, it ensures that employees and management both are treated with respect in a harassment- and discrimination-free way.

Why You Need to Conduct an Employee Handbook and Policy Review ASAP 

 Employment laws are changing with increasing speed. Employers should regularly review and update their employment policies and handbooks to be sure they are compliant with the laws of every state in which their employees are located. Failure to do so can result in illegal actions and resulting unwanted lawsuits. 

If your company does not have an employee handbook, you could find yourself liable for damages if you are ever taken to court for wrongful termination claims, sexual harassment claims, code of conduct violations, workplace violations, or not following state and federal mandates, etc. A company can easily open themselves up to liability risks for not having clearly documented workplace and benefit practices. 

When You Work with L A MAXX You Receive Comprehensive Advisory Services 

L A MAXX provides a cost-effective way to ensure federal and state compliance. We’ll review your handbook for legal compliance, good business/HR practice, and employee readability. We then mark it up and send it back to you and arrange a telephone meeting to go over each page and make suggestions.

  • Thorough Employee Handbook Review conducted by Employment Law Experts 

  • Having your handbook compliance reviewed for federal and one (1) state regulations costs $1,900  

  • Multi-State Handbook review costs $150 per each additional state

  •  Please note that we do not rewrite any policy, but will attempt to provide you with solutions. We will, however, insert a mandated policy such as sexual harassment if it is not in the handbook, or if the policy in the book does not meet required legal standards.


We offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consult, where we discuss your needs and discuss pricing for your comprehensive employee handbook review.
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